GLOUCESTER, Va. (WRIC) — Coastal Virginia is expected to face major flooding Monday into Tuesday as a storm system lingers over the commonwealth.

Residents worried that they may be at risk for flooding can now use the Virginia Institute of Marine Science’s Tidewatch Map to find out how high the water is expected to rise in their location.

The map works by combining expected storm surge with tidal tracking and elevation maps to project flooding in Virginia’s tidal zone. While the flooding is primarily expected on the Eastern Shore and in the low-lying areas of Hampton Roads, the tidal zone extends up the James to Mayo Island, where waters are also expected to rise.

Some of the worst flooding is expected to hit Chincoteague Island, which was placed under an evacuation order over the weekend. Much of the island is already inundated, and the flooding, which is expected to peak at 4 pm across the region today, will likely affect the majority of the island’s homes and businesses.

The surge will peak at 4 pm Monday, October 4, when it is expected to cover most of Chincoteague, a town of nearly 3,000 people. (Courtesy of VIMS)

Residents can also click on specific areas to check the projected flood levels over the next 36 hours. The yellow line represents ground level and the blue line represents projected water levels.

The chart shows repeated flood events expected on this Virginia Beach neighborhood. (Courtesy VIMS)

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