There’s a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the weather! So here’s a few myths that we can bust!

Taking Cover in a Vehicle

While a car is a good place to take cover from storms, it’s not the rubber tires that protect you from lightning. The steel frame diverts electricity around the car and into the ground. Just don’t touch any metal inside the car!

Lightning Striking Twice

Lightning never strikes the same place twice. That’s false! Especially tall buildings can be struck by lightning several times in a year.

Heat Lightning

And heat lightning isn’t due to the heat, it’s just lightning that’s far enough away that you can’t hear the thunder.

Here are a few more myths…

Opening Windows

If you find yourself in a tornado warned storm and you are at home, it has been said you should equalize the pressure by opening the windows.

FALSE, the tornado’s debris will open the windows for you, doing this is a waste of time, instead, you should get to a safe room.

Seeking Shelter Under an Overpass

If you are driving should you seek shelter under a highway overpass from a tornado?

NO, the wind can be stronger under a bridge, this will concentrate more debris to fly through this area putting yourself in more danger. Instead stay buckled up in the car and bend down to get under the windows in case they shatter.

Myth: I need to be under a thunderstorm to be struck by lightning.

Lightning can strike up to 10 miles out and away from a parent thunderstorm. So when you see lightning or hear thunder, it’s best to go indoors.