VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Sunday’s weather showed the heat in Hampton Roads has yet to ease up.

According to the National Weather Service, a heat advisory is in effect for the area until Monday, Aug. 14, at 8 p.m. The uncomfortable heat pushed many to head to the beaches in the area, including the Oceanfront.

However, Lt. Mike McMahon with the Virginia Beach Life Saving Service said it could be dangerous outside, especially when people get dehydrated.

“Today, we did have quite a few heat-related illnesses though,” McMahon said.

He explained what symptoms he and his other first responders look for.

“You’ll get obviously hot and sweaty, that’s one of the first things,” McMahon said. “A little lethargic, you may become nauseous as well, a little bit of vomiting too as it progresses through there.”

He said it can get even worse from there.

“If we show up as first responders, and we dry them off for whatever reason, and they don’t sweat again, that’s a very bad sign for us,” McMahon said.

When first responders like McMahon show up to help, he said they take the person’s vitals, check their pulse rate, and blood pressure.

“As you become more dehydrated and further down in heat exhaustion chain of events, your blood pressure can start to drop especially as you lose a lot of fluid, and your pulse will go up as well,” McMahon said.

So, what’s his advice for how people can stay safe in the sun?

“Please drink water when you’re out here,” McMahon said. “Bring water, drink water, avoid alcohol. I know it’s the beach everyone wants to chill, no alcohol it helps dehydrate you. Bring water and electrolyte solutions.”