(WAVY) – Whether you evacuate or ride out a storm at home, you should consider several factors. First, and foremost, safety should be the number one priority for your family.


If authorities tell you to evacuate, you should follow their orders. Ignoring an evacuation mandate could put you and your family in danger. Rescuers may not be able to get to you, and it may be too late to evacuate once a storm approaches or arrives.

Before you leave make sure you:

  • fill all your vehicles with gasoline
  • withdraw cash
  • shut off power, gas, and water
  • pack extra foodd and water
  • know recommended evacuation routes 

Evacuation Routes

If officials order an evacuation for your area, use one of these designated routes. Become familiar with these routes and plan to leave early to avoid major traffic delays.


  • Interstate 64 West
  • Interstate 664 North
  • U.S. Route 17 North
  • U.S. Route 60 West
  • Route 143


  • 264 West and Interstate 64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel
  • Interstate 664 North Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel
  • U.S. Route 17 North
  • U.S. Route 58 West
  • U.S. Route 460 West
  • Route 10 West

** The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is NOT an evacuation route. For closure information, visit www.cbbt.com.

Eastern Shore

All Eastern Shore residents will use U.S. Route 13 North toward Salisbury, Maryland.

Staying Home

If you are not required to evacuate and ride out a storm at home, you should prepare your house for the worst by doing the following:

  • fill sinks, bathtubs, and buckets with water
  • take shelter in a room without windows 
  • bring all outdoor lawn furniture inside
  • test and prepare generators
  • only use a generator outdoors (avoid garages too)

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