(WAVY) – When a storm comes, you’ll need dry, clean clothing ready to go and something to sleep on in the event you must leave your home. Also, important documents must be protected and available ahead of time.


Experts suggest setting aside sturdy shoes or work boots to protect your feet from high water or debris.

Be prepared to protect yourself with a hat and sunglasses.

Rain gear may also come in handy while storms are bearing down.  This includes a rain coat, waterproof boots, and waders.


Shelters may not have any bedding to use.  Your emergency kit should include sheets, blankets, or a sleeping bag.  

Put all emergency kit items in a waterproof bag or container.

Hurricane Packing List


Gather the following personal documents and put them in a waterproof, portable container:

  • wills
  • insurance policies
  • Social Security Cards
  • bank account information
  • birth, marriage, and death certificates

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