We are still WEATHER AWARE for Monday night-Through Tuesday Afternoon-We have been consistent with this timing since Friday of last week but we will watch closely if this changes.

8:50/7:50 AM CT 8/29: Hurricane Ida: A strong category 4 storm and 7mph from a category 5 nearing 157mph winds around the center of circulation. Smaller wind fields, stronger, and moving faster than Katrina in 2005, expect catastrophic conditions along the right side of the eyewall. Landfall in the next 2.5 hours this morning.

Similar to Hurricane Michael in 2018, the size of the storm is similar in size and more concentric. There will be catastrophic damage just the right side of the eye-wall and due to the forward speed, the surge will be 7 feet all above land to the north and east of landfall.

We will see some significant winds for portions of our east-central Alabama Counties late on Monday, with a tornado threat and severe storms with damaging wind. Most of the energy and activity remains west of Montgomery tomorrow late morning and afternoon but we need to watch if this speeds up.