HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — King tides or perigean spring tides occur when the moon is new or full, and closest to the earth. It’s during this time that the gravitational pull on the tides is the greatest, causing them to run higher than normal.

The king tides typically occur in the fall months — with September, October and November seeing them in 2023.

Catch the King, or CTK, is an annual tide mapping event that recruits volunteers to collect flooding data. Wetland’s Watch, a local organization that promotes flood awareness, partners with local and national researchers, and the public, to monitor the impact of these slightly higher than normal tide events on the region.

Across the area, they have designed certain “trouble spots” where flooding is often observed. The group is looking for volunteers to go to these locations during the king tide this weekend at high tide and map their impact.

To participate, register for the “Catch the King Tide” event. Once you’re registered, follow the steps for downloading the Sea Level Rise app for Android or iPhone, and pick a spot to go monitor the king tide.

Remember: high-tide times can vary by location, so make sure you check when high tide is for the spot you’re going to go to. You can view the latest tide times here.