Heat Advisory For Today

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The danger in heat is subtle.  You don’t burn up walking out the door, but the heat will get to you if you take it for granted.

Today we have a Heat Advisory for most of the region.  The afternoon heat index will rise into the low 100s.  It may reach up to 110 degrees in some inland locations.  A Heat Advisory means that conditions are favorable for folks to be affected by heat illnesses like heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

High pressure is to our southeast.  We have west/southwest winds today at 5-10mph at the surface.  This will keep pushing in the heat.   There is a cool front to our north.

Skies started out partly cloudy this morning, but the clouds have been thinning.  We’ll have mostly to partly sunny skies for a while from the late morning through the early afternoon.  High temps will rise to the mid 90s through that time with upper 90s inland.  By the late afternoon into the evening scattered showers and storms will start dropping in from the north. 

Some of these showers and storms may have some strong gusty winds and brief heavy rain.  This could slow down traffic during the evening commute.  The cool front will move in tomorrow, but it will stall out nearby.  Temperatures will get knocked down to the upper 80s, but it will still feel like the low 90s with the heat index.  We’ll have more clouds along with scattered showers and storms re-forming.  The models changed their tune about Thursday through Saturday.  Now it looks like a couple of fronts will hang out near our region.  Before it looked like the main front would stay to the south, and high pressure would build in.  Now we will have some isolated to scattered showers/storms each day.  No washouts, but there will be at least a few showers each day.  At least high temps will be in 80s.  The models are drier on Sunday, but the heat also returns with highs in the 90s. 

  Some of you may have seen the recent report that is going around about future sea-level rise.  It is from the Union of Concerned Scientists.  The report talks about not only sea level rise, but the impacts it will have on property values.  It talks about how many residential and commercial properties could be at risk of flooding with several different scenarios.  Here is the actual report: Sea Level Rise Impacts Real Estate.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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