Short answer: at the end of this month.

With last weeks brief stretch of minor autumnal weather, it’s got most of us longing for the cooler days and fresh breezes. That mindset has made today (a beautiful, sunshine filled warm day) feel way too hot and humid. Highs in the 80s with dew points in the 60s made it feel close to 90° at times this afternoon. So you’re not alone in wondering where the cooler weather is.

Normal high temperatures for the month of October.

The normal high temperatures for the month of October present a gradual change of pace – where the beginning of the month starts near 80° and the end of the month sees highs in the upper 60s. However, with our warming climate, we add about nine additional days in the autumn season (September, October, November) with temperatures above average.

Warming autumn season across Norfolk.

That doesn’t necessarily translate to scorching heat waves in the fall, but just means a bit more frequent days like today. So maybe keep ordering the pumpkin spiced lattes iced for another week or so.