Woes… or woohoo? I don’t think any of us are complaining about the recent warmth here in February, or for the entirety of our winter for that matter.

The year 2023 has started on a warm note with January coming in just outside of the top 10 warmest Januaries on record. This warmth has poured over to February as well, as we welcome a second warm, spring-like week of weather in a row.

The year so far has averaged about five degrees above our normal, and even with a cold December, our winter season has average about four degrees above normal. If you’re looking for snow, don’t get your hopes up, but also don’t lose hope. As the latest first measurable snowfall was actually recorded in April of 2007. While out of the ordinary, it’s possible for cold shots of air in the early spring months.

Speaking of which, after our brief warm up this week we should get a quick blast of cold air by the weekend.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro