It’s summer in Hampton Roads, so long story short, the humidity will be with us all week long. We will also have another dose of rain to contend with on our Monday, so let’s get to it.

As the unsettled air mass remains in place, showers and a few thunderstorms this evening should fade through the night. Temperatures will hold in the low 70s as it also remains muggy overnight.

There will likely be two rounds of rain on Monday, both of which should not be widespread. First, there should be some scattered showers around for the early morning hours, with then mostly cloudy skies taking us into the afternoon. A southwest breeze will still get our high temperatures into the low to mid 80s, then by the evening hours some additional scattered showers and some thunderstorms should develop, taking us into the late night hours.

A few showers linger Tuesday morning with some stubborn clouds slowly departing by the afternoon. High temperatures, again, will be in the mid 80s. The humidity will hold all week long, too, so even though it won’t be too hot each afternoon this week, it’ll feel quite sticky outside.

Tropically speaking, things still remain pretty quiet, and it feels unusually quiet. But here’s some perspective as we are moving into peak hurricane season. So far this year, it’s nearly been a 50 day stretch without a tropically named system. In 1999, there was a similar situation. That year, there was a 61 day stretch without any tropically named system, but you know what storm broke that streak in mid-August? Floyd, and we all remember how it dumped flooding rains across Hampton Roads.

Just because it’s been quiet means just that, that’s it’s been quiet, it does set the stage for what’s to come. A reminder to stay prepared as peak hurricane season rolls around.

A couple thousand miles out in the far Eastern Atlantic is an area of showers and thunderstorms with a low chance of tropical development over the next five days or so. We’ll keep an eye on it, but we’re not too concerned locally.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro