It’s been a minute since there’s been something to talk about tropically, but as we move into the month of August the Atlantic basin (per usual) is waking up after a quick slumber.

An area of showers and thunderstorms will migrate into the south central Atlantic by mid to late week where some tropical development is possible. By this point in time, whatever this may be is still over 3-thousand miles away from Hampton Roads. So while there’s high uncertainty in this outlook, there’s low concern here at home.

It does serve as a reminder though that peak hurricane season is right around the corner and we are entering the three busiest months of the season – August, September & October. Sure, the past two months were nearly dead quiet, but that means just that, and is not telling of any upcoming trends for the remainder of the season.

The last time there was no hurricane by August 1st was in 2017, what happened there after was the development of nine consecutive hurricanes. If you recall, 2017 was the year that featured Irma, Harvey, Maria and Jose. Now, that’s not to say the rest of this year will be as busy and active, but it’s a reminder that activity can quickly pick up the pace during the months of August, September & October when oceans are typically at their warmest.

Use this time now as our tropical outlook here at home remains quiet to freshen up on your hurricane supplies, kit and plan as it’s always best to be prepared. It’ll make the next few months a whole lot less stressful.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro