First off, locally across Hampton Roads there is nothing to be concerned about tropically, at least for the next week or so. But as the tropics become a bit more active, it serves as a reminder to get prepared if you haven’t already, as peak hurricane season is around the corner.

The next tropical cyclone is likely to develop later tonight or tomorrow in the southern Caribbean. A broad area of showers and thunderstorms is producing tropical storm force winds, but has lacked a center of circulation (a necessity for any tropical cyclone). As it meanders into the southern Caribbean, the system is forecasted to reach tropical storm status, checking “Bonnie” off the list of names.

Tropical rains and winds expected for northern most parts of South America as well as Central America through the weekend.

The showers and thunderstorms deeper in the Atlantic will have quite the difficult time developing over the next couple of days, so we don’t expect much from it. Now in the Gulf of Mexico, shower and thunderstom activity is already set to bring tropical rains to southeastern Texas in the coming days. Latest information from the National Hurricane Center has the possibility of tropical development by weeks end.

Again, there’s nothing to be concerned or worried about locally, we’ll use this as a reminder that we could be in for a busy tropical season.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro