As we enjoyed a quiet summer weekend (weather-wise) across Hampton Roads, the Atlantic basin had other ideas. There are five disturbances we are watching, three of them are already tropical cyclones. Fortunately, our weather remains quiet for the next five to seven days, so we can sit back and monitor from afar.

Tropical Storm Franklin developed Sunday evening shortly after Tropical Storm Emily developed Sunday late-morning. In between, is Tropical Depression Six which developed late Saturday night. Six will not last long as the system will fade in the night.

Tropical Storm Franklin is an iffy one – as there are some question marks with it’s extended forecast. As of now, the system is expect to make a sharp northerly bend early in the week, providing soaking rains and winds to parts of the Caribbean. From there it’ll meander into the Atlantic, potentially as a hurricane, by late week.

It’s uncertain if it’s track will be more northerly (towards Bermuda) or easterly (out to sea). Check back by midweek for a better grasp on the forecast.

Tropical Storm Emily won’t last all that long as the system will gradually bend north into the central-Atlantic. The system should pass east of Bermuda by a few hundred miles.

In the Gulf of Mexico there is a disturbance that is likely to become at least a tropical depression during the next couple days – development or not, tropical rains and some wind will meander towards the Gulf coast of Texas by Tuesday.

Lastly, a few thousand miles away off the west coast of Africa, another tropical disturbance could see some development within the next seven days. As of now, it looks like it’ll follow Emily’s footsteps for the early portion of it’s life. Large uncertain remains as to what happens from there.

Long story short – peak hurricane season is essentially upon us and the Atlantic basin is reacting accordingly. Fortunately, there’s no immediate concerns for us locally. We’ve got a beautiful stretch of weather to thank for that, too.

High pressure in control will warm us up for Monday as high temperatures should reach the low 90s for most locations. The humidity creeps back in ever so slightly to make it feel closer to 100° by the afternoon hours. Expect plenty of sunshine, too.

The shield of high pressure will then be followed by a fence of a front that drops into the region between Tuesday and Wednesday. This weakening cool front will pull in dry air from the north and chop down at our humidity values. Midweek should feature almost refreshing weather for August standards.

Temperatures may drop to the low 80s on Wednesday and Thursday as things remain dry all week long. The southerly flow by late week should bring a return to the humidity and some rain chances.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro