Before tossing a hefty amount of dressing on your salad, you’d typically shake the bottle so the olive oil & balsamic vinegar mix together. The rich flavors of balsamic vinegar sit separated below a layer of extra virgin olive oil prior to you mixing, and in a way, that’s our weather for the next day or so.

A cool, rich & damp air mass has settled into Hampton Roads due to the persistent northeasterly breeze. The clouds, fog & drizzle associated with the rich air (just like the tasty balsamic is trapped below a layer of extra virgin olive oil) is stuck near the surface. So our weather, long story short, is gloomy.

We’ll need to mix out the air to get some sunshine to return to Hampton Roads, but that may not happen until later Tuesday and Wednesday when a southerly breeze develops. Until then, the two stubborn areas of low pressure parked off our coastline keep the clouds around for at least the next 24 to 36 hours.

Tonight expect lowered visibility, some drizzle and dreary conditions. Lows hold in the 50s. It’ll be another dreary day tomorrow, with drizzle and fog likely early before stubborn clouds take us through the afternoon. Highs will stay in the mid 60s – there could be a few bits of sun for farther inland locations.

Clouds will likely hold into Tuesday morning as the northerly breeze continues – some drizzle, mist and a shower or two is possible Tuesday morning as well. The two stubborn areas of low pressure finally begin to lose their grip on Hampton Roads so we could get some breaks in the clouds by later Tuesday. We’ll likely get some sun to return by Wednesday as a southerly breeze rebounds our temperatures into the low 70s.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro