A dry and cool pattern will eventually set up across Hampton Roads for the majority of the upcoming workweek. Expect temperatures in the low 70s, a mix of sun and clouds, and a fresh ocean breeze to go along with it.

However, Monday will be the one warmer day out of the mix. Highs should climb into the upper 70s in a few spots as bright spring sunshine take should into the afternoon.

High pressure moving in from the north will bring in the dry air and limit our rain chances from now through at least Thursday. However, the breeze will strengthen out of the northeast by Tuesday, pinning our temperatures in the low 70s.

Winds could gusts to around 30mph, especially along the coastline. The fresh ocean breeze will keep temperatures down near 70° for the remainder of the workweek, as well – a couple degrees below our typical high this time of year, which sits closer to 80°.

The end of the week is when high uncertainty comes into the forecast. There are some indications that moisture will move in from the south as a coastal low could develop. Within the Friday, Saturday and Sunday time frame Hampton Roads could be dealt cloudier, cooler and breezy conditions with only a handful of showers. Or a good soaking of rainfall sometime between Friday and Sunday.

Stay tuned to the forecast as we gather more details, as of now, however, the week should feature added clouds, showers at the coast and a refreshing, cool breeze off the Atlantic.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro