After yesterday’s round of severe weather locally, it was great to see some sunshine today. But also, a lack of humidity!

The dew point is the decider on how the air truly feels to our bodies, so higher the dew point, higher the humidity. Lower the dew point, lower the humidity. We’ll enjoy one more day (tomorrow) with low dew point values, get out and enjoy because by the end of the week, those dew points climb.

Humidity forecast this week.

More humidity simply means more water particles flying around in the air – think of the air now being full, like a full glass of water. Now when our bodies go to perspire in the heat, we need our sweat to evaporate to cool down, however, since the air is already so full, that evaporation process is slowed down. The temperatures then feel higher than they actually read.

Now when the air is dry, it’s the opposite. There’s room in the air so our bodies perspiration can evaporate and we can cool down, and the temperatures will feel truly as they read.

Later this week and into the weekend, dew point values will reach the mid to upper 60s with high temperatures close to 90°. That combination will create heat index values in the low to mid 90s for Friday and Saturday. Enjoy tomorrow’s low humidity!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro