The stubborn weekend clouds are soon to move out tonight as the chilly and dry air from the north settles in. We expect our November sunshine to make a return this week but unfortunately, the dry pattern holds as our drought stricken area remains thirsty for rainfall.

Tonight as clouds depart the region and things clear out, temperatures drop into the 30s and low 40s around dawn. The chilly morning gives way to a bright Monday afternoon, but highs will hold in the upper 50s and low 60s.

Expect similar weather on both Tuesday and Wednesday, give or take a degree here or there. By late week, high pressure will weaken enough to allow some moisture to creep in from the southwest. We’ll see a slight climb in temperatures and cloud coverage on Thursday and Friday.

This will be in the hopes of our next dose of rainfall, arriving sometime between Friday and Saturday. We’ll take anything we can get, as the drought continues across Hampton Roads and NE NC. Conditions have grown to severe and extreme drought in parts of the western commonwealth.

Remain hopeful for some rainfall by weeks end – until then, enjoy the sunshine!

Steve Fundaro