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Temps are heating up today.  We have returned to our typical Summer-time weather pattern.  The Bermuda high is building back west, the stationary front is gone, and we have resumed a light wind out of the southwest.

We’ll have fair skies today with only a stray shower in the entire region.  Temps weren’t too bad this morning, but they were heating up fast.  We’ll aim for the low-mid 90s this afternoon.  It will be a couple of degrees higher than yesterday.  The humidity will also rise slightly.  This will put the heat index to up around 100 degrees. There won’t be much of a breeze, but the light wind will be out of the southwest.  The pattern will continue tomorrow.  So we’ll heat up even more.  High temps will rise to the mid 90s.  The heat index will be between 100 and 105.  It’s possible that we could have a heat advisory for tomorrow.  At least for some inland locations.  Check back for updates on that.  We’ll be partly cloudy tomorrow with some isolated showers and storms later in the day.  By Saturday we’ll still have lots of heat and humidity.  However, we’ll have a little better chance for some showers and storms.  Clouds will build during the afternoon.  This should keep  temps down a couple of degrees from Friday’s highs.   A cool front will move in by Sunday.   It will knock down the temps to the mid 80s.  We’ll have scattered showers and storms.  This weather will continue into early next week.

I’m still tracking the tropics.  Subtropical storm Ernesto is over the north central Atlantic.  It is a fairly weak system.  It is moving to the northeast.  It may briefly become tropical, but that shouldn’t last long.  In the next 12-24 hours it will move over some much cooler water.  Plus, the upper level winds will increase.  So it will likely become a non-tropical area of low pressure by that time.

There is a new tropical disturbance in the middle of the Atlantic.  This one is a few hundred miles southeast of Puerto Rico.  It is moving generally west.  It has a low chance for formation, but we’ll watch it carefully, as it could have some impacts on the Lesser Antilles.  Stay tuned. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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