“Ahhh” – all of Hampton Roads this weekend.

The humidity is gone as the cooler and dry air holds through the weekend. The breeze slowly backs off later tonight as it’s kicked out the humidity – setting up a beautiful day for Juneteenth and Father’s Day Sunday.

Under clear skies tonight, temperatures will drop to the mid to upper 50s for most of us, with low 60s around the water ways. It’ll be quite refreshing waking up Sunday morning! A solid 15+ degrees below where we should be around dawn in June. Enjoy it!

The breeze should hold overnight into Sunday keeping things clear & fresh, we’ll wake up on the double holiday with temperatures in low to mid 60s. The refreshing breeze will take us through late morning, keeping the sunshine and holding high temperatures in the upper 70s. Get out and enjoy!

We’ll keep this trend going through Monday where plenty of sun and dry conditions will prevail. Highs should hover near 80° – but as high pressure builds in further we’ll notice the humidity return and temperatures climbing back to near 90° by Tuesday & Wednesday.

Rain chances may start to return to the region by mid to late week. Until then though, get out and enjoy what will be a beautiful weekend of weather.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro