If there’s nothing on your to-do list today, sit back, relax and enjoy this cold and rainy day. If you’ve got things to do or errands to run, grab that jacket and umbrella, because you’ll need it all day! Much needed rainfall fills into Hampton Roads, but it comes with a biting breeze.

More often than not, when a meteorologist uses the term “washout” it’s when describing when a day will not be a washout. But today, we’ll say with confidents that it will most certainly be a washout. Light to moderate rainfall will be with us through lunch and into the afternoon. It’ll taper off as the sun sets tonight and we head towards dinner time.

Sunday rain!

Not drought busting rain, but rain we most certainly do need. We can pick up about a quarter to half in of rain. Now, the other big lead with today’s weather is not only is it rain to deal with, but a cold rain. We’ve already hit our daily high temperature, 67° around 2:00am, as temperatures will just be dropping throughout the day. We’ll be in the 40s for most of today.

Temperatures dropping into the 40s today.

And lastly, wind chill becomes a factor today as well. The cold breeze behind the front blows in out of the north, likely gusting to over 25mph at times, so combine that with the rain, and it’ll feel like the 30s this afternoon!

Today’s wind chill factor.

As we clear out tonight it turns cold, with low temperatures dropping to either side of the freezing mark. It should feel like the 20s for the majority of us by dawn tomorrow. It’ll come with plenty of brisk, December sunshine, though, with highs holding in the 40s.

A few more clouds get thrown into the picture Tuesday, with our next dose of rain coming up from the south on Wednesday. As of now, things are trending dry and pleasant for the holiday!

Snuggle up and enjoy this rainy, cold day!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro