BLOG: Clear skies this week, dry, and a chance to see 5 planets!

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After several days of rainfall, we are finally going to dry out. Temperatures will be getting colder with lows in the 30s Monday morning and a wind chill in the low 30s. 

Cooler air moving in from the west.

On the weather map, see how the lines representing the wind are drawn all the way from southern Canada? That’s the cooler/drier air that is moving into our area for the week ahead. That dry air will give us 4 days of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s.

Now for the fun part, get outside and take a peek at our night sky. We are being treated with 5 planets. Mercury is joining the rest of the gang this week. 

5 Planets visible in our night sky.

To see Mercury, you want to find a place that is high, for example Mt. Trashmore would be an ideal spot. Otherwise an area with a good view to the west without trees will aid in spotting the planet. All of the other planets will be high enough in the sky where trees won’t obscure them.

The reason that Mercury is so low, is because of its short orbital period around the sun. Mercury only takes 88 days to go around the Sun. So for us to see it, it has to be in its right part of the orbit, and we also have to look close to the direction of the sun. The best time for look for Mercury will be between 6:20 PM and 6:40 PM before it sets on the horizon!

Happy Viewing!

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