December is upon us and it is feeling like winter around Hampton Roads, and while that generally means cold days and nights, winter across Hampton Roads also brings some strange weather swings. Especially in late November and early December.

Feeling more like a page out of January today, we’ll start the workweek feeling more like early December should. However, that’ll be before a warm and unsettled stretch of weather develops.

Under clear skies tonight temperatures will drop through the 30s so expect a chilly start to Monday morning, it’ll feel anywhere between the upper 20s and low 30s. With calm conditions and plenty of sunshine, afternoon highs will climb to the mid 50s – a beautiful day expected.

As we progress into the rest of the week some warmer and moist air moves in from the south and west. This will provide isolated rain chances from Tuesday through Thursday, with generally more clouds than sun. Temperatures, however, will climb to the low 60s!

As of now, expect a cloudy & gloomy Tuesday with some areas of fog & drizzle through the late morning. A few isolated showers throughout the afternoon and evening look most likely. No washouts are expected through Wednesday & Thursday, just anticipate a few showers around with some cloudier conditions. There could be a better dose of rainfall on the way towards the end of the week.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro