Blog: Bitter Cold Continues. Possible Snow Mid-Week.


Wow!   I had a week off of work, and it was great.  I haven’t had to venture outside in the morning for several days.  However, this morning was a rude awakening for me and for many.  Temps started in the teens and 20s.  However, the winds were blowing out of the north pretty strong.  So wind chills were in the single digits.

Wind Chills This Morning

The cold weather has sunk far south, and we haven’t really warmed up much over the last few days.  This week ahead is also looking pretty cold.  High pressure is off to our west.  It is helping to drive the northerly winds into the region.

Regional Weather Map

We’ll be mostly dry, cold, and windy today. However, we may catch some bay-effect flurries and light snow showers over the Southside.  It looked like a couple were showing up on Super Doppler 10 radar already.

Precipitation On Radar This Morning

This happens when you have very cold air running over milder water temperatures.  You also need the winds to be from the right direction.  There has to be a decent fetch (amount of distance the winds travel over open water).  With a due north wind today, there will be plenty of fetch.  However, the air is also fairly dry.  So I think this will be mainly flurries.  High temps today will only be in the mid 20s.  Wind chills will be in the teens this afternoon.  Then tonight we’ll have mostly clear skies.  Low temps will be in the low teens.  Be sure to keep slow-dripping the faucets.  Winds chills will be in the single digits.  It will possibly drop to near zero in a few cities tomorrow morning. This will be a problem for kids that have to wait at the bus stop.  We’ll have lots of sunshine tomorrow during the day. High pressure will continue to dominate the weather.  However, high temps will still only be in the 20s. We will warm up a little by Wednesday.  The north winds will shut down for a while.  So high temps will manage to reach to near 40 degrees.  By Wednesday evening an area of low pressure will form just offshore (to our southeast).  It will move north along the coast.  By Wednesday night into Thursday morning we’ll probably have some snow in our area.  The moisture will push right up into the colder airmass.  It could be a mix over the Outer Banks and right near the coast, but the majority of the area will have snow.

Future Trak (Wednesday Morning)

The models are advertising at least a couple of inches of snow.  It could be a little more than that if the system strengthens fast.  Keep in mind that last week we had a couple of systems dry up before they even got here.  So that is a possibility.  The low would move to our northeast by the afternoon. So we would likely dry out by then.  We’ll see if the system develops close enough to affect us. At this point I would say that there’s a 60% chance that it will.  We’ll have more details by tonight and tomorrow.

Either way we will be back to the cold from Thursday into the weekend.  Highs will be in the 20s and 30s.  We will probably warm up a little by next week.  Until then…stay warm!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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