As needed rain have seem to evade Hampton Roads week after week, it seems as though we’ll get just what the area needs – a good soaking. As a big frontal system develops in the center of the country this week we’ll look for needed rains to develop later Tuesday into Wednesday.

It’ll be dry through Tuesday morning – so just look for another chilly night and pleasantly cool day tomorrow with highs in the 50s. Clouds will thicken up quickly on Monday night and Tuesday ahead of the approaching rains.

Again, Tuesday morning will be dry and we could be dry for a good portion of the day Tuesday. Any rain that develops by lunchtime should be scattered light rainfall. By Tuesday evening, we’ll expect scattered steadier rain showers. Rain could become a bit more widespread later Tuesday night. The breeze will also pick up throughout the day Tuesday as it’ll become briefly windy Tuesday night.

So it’s the warm front first… then the cold front. When the cold front blasts in overnight into Wednesday morning, it could feature heavy rain and even a few thunderstorms.

Rainfall through midnight Wednesday should be anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch – but after the cold front blows through we could tally over an inch in many spots.

Scattered showers could stick around for the first half of Wednesday, but as of now, it looks like the system will move out Wednesday, eventually setting up some nice weather for the holiday weekend.

Thanksgiving should feature brighter and cooler conditions with highs in the 50s. It’ll remain pleasantly cool through the remainder of the holiday weekend – however, we could have some rain chances around Saturday.

If you’re traveling over the next few days – try to take advantage of the quiet weather that’ll hold for Monday and early Tuesday. The system trekking through the center of the country could have some travel implications at several airports.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro