Between Monday & Tuesday, the weather department brings a little of everything for Hampton Roads – temperatures close to 80° Monday, feeling like winter Tuesday and thunderstorms in between.

Hampton Roads is no stranger to the weird weather changes, it’s common nature around here. Oh, you don’t like the weather? Wait a day!

But these weather swings are most common in the autumn and spring seasons – it helps to think of autumn and spring less as seasons and more as transitions. During autumn, we are transitioning between summer being hot and winter being cold, so anything goes in terms of temperatures.

As the Earth changes it’s position around the sun, the northern hemisphere loses daylight and as a result, heat is distributed differently across the atmosphere. This adjustment in heat distribution plays an effect on the jet stream and the general day to day weather patterns.

So it makes going from near 80° to barely at 60° a common trait of the season.

The showers and thunderstorms this evening fade through the night as the cold and dry air arrive across the region. We’ll wake up to temperatures in the 40s (a few 30s are likely inland) as highs hold in the 50s. The breeze becomes calm by Tuesday night and it gets even colder – widespread 30s are likely both Wednesday & Thursday morning.

Patchy frost and a light freeze is possible for locations away from the metro. At least it’ll come with sunshine! Temperatures should moderate back into the 70s by weeks end with pleasant conditions holding into the weekend.

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro