WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — A threatening situation outside the Library of Congress came to a peaceful close Thursday.

“He gave up and did not resist and our folks were able to take him into custody without incident,” Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said.

Manger says 49-year-old Floyd Ray Roseberry of North Carolina parked on the sidewalk and told police he had explosives inside his pickup truck.

“And what appeared, the officer said, what appeared to be a detonator in the man’s hand,” Manger said.

For about 30 minutes, Roseberry livestreamed on Facebook, showing the alleged bomb in his lap and calling on police to negotiate with him.

“We first started doing that with a whiteboard, just writing messages back and forth. We used a robot to get a telephone down to him,” Manger said.

Both the House and the Senate are on recess, but there are still people working. So, law enforcement evacuated some of the surrounding congressional office buildings. Roseberry claimed there are others like him in Washington D.C., something police are looking into.

“Right now we have no indication that he was acting with anyone else but that again is part of the ongoing investigation,” Manger said.

Manger says police will now work with prosecutors to decide what criminal charges Roseberry should face.