WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Despite bipartisan support for a $1T infrastructure bill, House Republicans are preparing for a fight if the Senate also passes the $3.5 trillion family and jobs plan.

“That is not something that Republicans will support,” said Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.)

Stefanik says the country can’t afford to spend the money in the larger plan.

“Not on pet projects with a $3.5 trillion spending bill attached to it,” Stefanik said.

Republicans think Democrats’ refusal to accept only the bipartisan bill focused on roads, bridges, and broadband, could doom both bills.

“I don’t see Nancy Pelosi moving a bipartisan bill alone in the house,” Stefanik said.

“I think she’s attempting to use that leverage she doesn’t have. That is going to be a disaster for Democrats,” Stefanik said.

Tenney says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is abusing her power.

“She needs to represent the interests of everyone in the House of Representatives, especially the Democrat members, but also those of us who represent the rest of the nation,” Tenney said.

But the White House says Pelosi is doing exactly what the president asked for.

“The president’s been clear that he wants to sign both into law,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.
Psaki says President Joe Biden is in close contact with Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate to reach his goal.

“And the president will continue to advocate for, publicly, the reconciliation package given how important his build back better agenda is to him,” Psaki said.