WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — If your plans include flying, you can leave your face mask at home after federal authorities stopped enforcing the CDC’s travel mask mandate, at least for now.

The decision came after a federal judge in Florida ruled the mask mandate exceeded the CDC’s authority, which means masks are now optional for passengers on flights and other types of transportation.

Reaction was mixed as signs about the federal mask mandate started coming down and federal authorities stopped enforcing the mask mandate on Monday.

One person called it a “pleasant surprise,” while another said it was important to “understand it’s a personal choice.”

Rail systems, flight crews and others also started announcing masks were now optional, following the ruling from a federal judge in Florida that decided the mask mandate exceeds the CDD’s authority.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the ruling “disappointing.”

“The CDC continues recommending wearing a mask in public transit,” she continued.

Psaki explained why the mask mandate was scheduled to be in place for at least two more weeks.

“To be able to assess the latest science, in keeping with its responsibility to protect the American people,” she said.

Part of the data that’s being reviewed is the number of COVID-19 cases that are once again on the rise in parts of the country.

The White House says the CDC and DHS, which is the agency that implements the mask mandate, are reviewing the court ruling before the government decides whether to appeal the judge’s ruling.