WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Joe Biden’s second trip overseas started at the Vatican.

“You are the most significant warrior for peace I’ve ever met,” the president said, addressing the pope.

For nearly 90 minutes, the president met privately with Pope Francis, where Biden said they prayed together and talked about issues like climate change.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Biden said.

Biden then turned his attention to foreign policy as he met with other worlds leaders like President of Italy Sergio Mattarella and French President Emmanuel Macron.

“What really matters now is what we will do together in the coming weeks, the coming months, the coming years,” Macron said.

Biden used the meeting to publicly apologize to the French president for a submarine deal with the United Kingdom and Australia, which hurt France economically.

“What we did was clumsy. It was not done with a lot of grace. I want to make it clear: France is an extremely, extremely valued partner,” Biden said.

Macron said he’s ready to move forward, while ensuring the situation is never repeated.

“Stronger coordination, stronger cooperation,” Macron said.

Biden now looks toward the first in-person G20 summit since the pandemic started, during which he’ll address global issues with the other world leaders.