WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — President Joe Biden set a new goal for the country’s vaccination effort.

“Our goal by July fourth is to have 70% of adult Americans, at least one shot, and 160 million Americans fully vaccinated,” the President said.

To reach this goal, the President laid out new objectives, like vaccinating kids and teens ages 12 to 15, as long as the FDA authorizes the use of the Pfizer vaccine on that group.

“Immediately move to make about 20,000 pharmacy sites across the country, ready to vaccinate those adolescents as soon as the FDA grants it’s okay,” the President said.

The president says they will increase the number of sights and walk-in locations and focus on those still hesitant to get the shot.

“This is your choice. It’s life and death. And I hope everyone knows within themselves and makes the choice that’s going to help them and their loved ones be safe,” President Biden said.

Health experts say reaching this goal would mean fewer public health mandates.

“If we can continue to drive vaccinations up and caseloads down, we’ll need our masks even less and less,” President Biden said.

President Biden thanked Republicans, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, for encouraging more people to get the vaccine.

“Finish the job, everybody’s now eligible for the vaccine and we need to get it,” McConnell said.

The President says the U.S is also focused on helping the effort around the world, by sharing vaccine supplies with countries who need them.