WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — With the counting almost finished in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump is set to challenge the results in the keystone state.

“I put nothing past the Trump team cause they are both desperate and defeated,” Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey said.

Casey says he’s hopeful a transition to a Biden administration can start soon.

“It doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t benefit anyone if this process is dragged out,” Casey said.

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Toomey says it is likely Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

“It does appear as though Joe Biden is likely to be certified as the president-elect relatively soon. So I think it’d be better if we did begin a transition process,” Toomey said.

But Toomey says the president has the right to challenge the results.

“I think we’re going to adjudicate several disputes. That’s all part of this process. It’ll be done soon enough and I think the outcome will be clear,” Toomey said.

Toomey says despite how the election looks from the top of the ticket, Republicans should be happy with results in the House and Senate.

“I think we have an excellent chance of holding the Senate, and we flipped a couple of state legislatures, didn’t lose a single one,” Toomey said.

Casey says there is still potential for an upset in Georgia.

“I think it’s quite remarkable what is happening in the presidential race in Georgia and I think that provides a really good foundation for the Senate race,” Casey said.