WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — NATO formally announced Finland and Sweden joining the alliance, a move President Biden says will help them meet any threats.

“The full alliance is going to welcome Finland and Sweden,” Biden said.

With that announcement, Wednesday, Biden said NATO took a huge step toward a historic expansion in the defense against Russian aggression.

“Their decision to move away from neutrality and their decision to join NATO alliance is going to make us stronger and more secure and NATO stronger,” Biden said.

The group is expected to approve Finland and Sweden’s applications after Turkey dropped its objection.
NATO’s leaders expect the final ratification to move quickly.

“We will make sure that with our presence we are able to defend all allies including of course Finland and Sweden,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said,

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed NATO and asked for more aid and weapons. Stoltenberg says it will take time to move heavy equipment.

“We know people can move quite fast but to move heavy equipment… all kinds of supplies that takes time,” Stoltenberg said.

But President Biden and NATO leaders say they are committed to long-term support and announced new troop movements and strengthening of forces along the alliance’s eastern flank.

“We’re going to continue to adjust our posture based on the threat in close consultation with our allies,” the President said.

The president says the U.S will establish a permanent headquarters in Poland, maintain a presence of 3000 troops in Romania, and station additional air defense in Germany and Italy.