WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Congress is very close to passing a bill to get health benefits to burn pit victims.

“You serve today, we take care of you tomorrow. That is our oath,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said.

Gillibrand believes it is time for Congress to give burn pit victims the healthcare benefits they deserve.

“Why are they waiting to get healthcare that they earned the minute they became service members,” Gillibrand said.

Danielle Robinson still fights on behalf of her late husband who was injured by burn pits, and says Congress needs to pass this to prevent anymore suffering.

“If you step in our shoes and live our reality, it would be inhumane not to pass this bill,” Robinson said.

The Honoring Our Pact Act would provide healthcare to 3.5 million veterans exposed to airborne hazards and burn pits and streamline the VA’s review process.

“The Honoring Our Pact Act is going to make sure we finally deliver the benefits, the high health quality care our veterans deserve without jumping through hoops,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

The legislation passed in the House and Schumer promises action soon in the Senate.

“I will fully support the Honoring Our Pact Act and the Senate will vote on it this Congress,” Schumer said.

Activists like Jon Stewart and John Feal are urging Senators to come together and pass what they call common-sense legislation

“We need 10 Republicans, that’s it. After 20 years of fighting, this is what it comes down to,” Stewart said.

“Put this bill on the floor and force-feed them this bill,” Feal said.

Advocates want to see the bill passed before Memorial Day.