WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — On Friday, President Joe Biden announced the next big step to increase the number of jobs and production of U.S. goods at Siemens USA.

“We invest in innovation in America,” Biden said.

Siemens is investing $54 million to boost U.S. production and adding 300 manufacturing jobs to build up electric vehicle charging and data centers.

“In addition, Siemens will be building an entirely new facility to make charging equipment for electric vehicles,” Biden said.

“Let’s continue to work together across the public and private sectors to build this industrial base,” Siemens CEO Barbara Humpton said.

This builds on previous announcements from Intel and General Motors to boost domestic production. The administration says the latest jobs report already shows the effect of these changes.

“This month’s report continues the good news of the strong recovery, of the historic recovery in the economy over the past year,” CEA Chair Dr. Cecilia Rouse said.

Rouse applauded the creation of nearly 680,000 jobs in February.

“We saw unemployment tick down to 3.8% alongside an increase in labor force participation, which we know is gonna be so important for getting our labor market and our economy back to normal,” Rouse said.

Rouse says the administration will continue to focus on getting Americans back into the job force, as the country recovers from the pandemic.

“Ensuring that our economy continues to grow and that that prosperity is more widely shared,” Rouse said.

The president promises these trends will place the United States in a good position to combat inflation.