GLOUCESTER, Va. (WAVY) — Jennifer Minton is winning! The Gloucester County woman won the Virginia lottery twice within a week.

Her winning streak began when she won $50,000 playing the Virginia Lottery’s Safari Quest game online. Then, still excited about her win, she decided to try her luck again and hit the jackpot for over $912,000 while sitting around a campfire playing the same game.

This time, however, she didn’t realize she had won. Instead, when she saw the jackpot suddenly reset, she recalled thinking, “Dang, somebody just hit. They are so lucky!” After taking a second look she realized she was the lucky one.

Minton later told Virginia Lottery officials she was in shock and disbelief.

Virginia Lottery profits go to K-12 education in Virginia. Minton lives in Gloucester County which received more than $2.7 million in Lottery funds for K-12 education last fiscal year.