VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The 5/31 committee in Virginia Beach, tasked with selecting a location for a memorial in honor of the victims of the mass shooting in 2019, has made a selection.

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, committee members proposed the memorial be located at the corner of Nimmo Parkway and Princess Anne Road, at one of the entrances to the Municipal Center. It is city-owned property.

“The ultimate goal is that we remember in perpetuity the events of that day, but also recognize the needs of the families, friends, our community going forward,” said Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer.

Members of the committee toured eight different sites and evaluated the locations while getting input from families of the victims and the community.

At the meeting, committee members said they chose this site because of its location, its parking, and its natural features, such as water and some seclusion. It also has water and the utility infrastructure needed already on-site.

The committee recommends the memorial honors victims by name and shares stories of their lives and service to the city.  

Committee members also want to see a marker at Building 2, which shares information on how to access the memorial.

“The victims of the events that occurred of May 31st deserve a memorial that reflects the gravity of what occurred, that reflects their dedication of service to our city and in recognition of the richness of their lives that we lost,” said Councilman Michael Berlucchi.

The next step is for the committee to solicit proposals from design teams. It will choose two finalists by October 2022 and give them $10,000 stipends to create detailed proposals. Then, the community and families will be able to provide input.

The committee hopes to choose the final design by spring 2023.

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