During a Saturday morning news conference, Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen identified the 12 people killed in a mass shooting at the Municipal Center Complex the evening before.

All of the victims were city employees, except one person, a contractor who was at the building to get a permit.

Here are the names and faces of the victims.

Katherine A. Nixon
Public Utilities – 10 years
Virginia Beach

Laquita C. Brown
Public Works – 4.5 years
Right of Way Agent

Tara Welch Gallagher
Public Works – 6 years
Virginia Beach

Mary Louise Gayle
Public Works – 24 years
Right of Way Agent
Virginia Beach

Alexander Mikhail Gusev
Public Works – 9 years
Right of Way Agent
Virginia Beach

Richard H. Nettleton
Public Utilities – 28 years

Christopher Kelly Rapp
Public Works – 11 months

Ryan Keith Cox
Public Utilities – 12.5 years
Account Clerk
Virginia Beach

Joshua O. Hardy
Public Utilities- 4.5 years
Engineering Technician
Virginia Beach

Michelle “Missy” Langer
Public Utilities – 12 years
Admin. Assistant
Virginia Beach

Robert “Bobby” Williams
Public Utilities – 41 years
Special Projects Coordinator

Herbert “Bert” Snelling
Virginia Beach

“I’m still in shock,” said Virginia Beach’s Debra Wyman. “There are no words that can be put in that and honestly it didn’t cross my mind that somebody close would be hurt like that.”

Three years ago, Wyman tells 10 On Your Side she moved into a new home and quickly developed a friendship with the neighbor across the street. It took gunfire to tear them apart.

“You know, I knew she worked there it just didn’t occur to me building two,” Wyman added.

Wyman’s neighbor Missy Langer was an administrative assistant in Public Utilities for the past 12 years.

“I didn’t see her car there yesterday and I hadn’t seen it the night before,” Wyman said. “I assumed she went to visit her family out of state.”

Unfortunately Langer wasn’t out of town. She at work when a co-worker came into the building and started firing. She was one of 11 city employees that were killed.

Local contractor Bert Snelling was also killed in massacre.

Wyman can’t believe this happened especially to her friend.“She just got done redoing the inside of her house and the outside getting it ready for when she retires,” Wyman added.

Saturday, investigators continue to search for answers inside the building which is now the center of so much pain. Those answers won’t bring the loved ones back, but maybe can provide a bit of comfort moving forward.

“The world was robbed, because she is a sweet person,” Wyman added,