VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – With heavy rain, high winds and large waves, the Oceanfront started to feel the effects of Tropical Storm Ophelia Friday afternoon.

Berms lined areas of the beach, including one the city built to protect the Neptune Festival tent from ocean overwash.

The city of Virginia Beach released a statement about the weather conditions, saying they’ve secured more staffing for the emergency conditions.

High water vehicles and bucket trucks were also put in place in case of any downed trees.

The sight of the storm attracted many to the boardwalk, including Kay Seagrave.

The Virginia Beach resident told 10 On Your Side she thought it was beautiful, saying her fascination began as a teenager.

“We lived at the beach, and whenever there was a hurricane coming as a teen,” she said, “we’d put on our bathing suits and come down and walk along the Oceanfront. We didn’t go swimming, but we were down here to see it and it was fun.”

The storm also affected many Oceanfront businesses.

Ocean Eddie’s owner Jeff Hague said the weather attracted a certain clientele.

People who are familiar with the restaurant know we have south facing decks,” Hague said, “so the wind is coming from the north so people can sit out on the deck like how they are today and look at the ocean and have a pleasant time.”

However, that might change if the weather gets worse.

“Well, if it’s bad, we may shut down for the day,” he said. “We try not to do that. We try to stay open with minimal staff so we can be here for the customers who want to venture up here and take in the adventure.”

Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued a state of emergency, calling the storm unusual.

Both he and the city advise residents to prepare a family emergency plan.