PENDLETON, Oregon (WAVY/Storyful) – A motorhome overturned during a recent crash on Interstate 84 in Oregon, and the incident was captured on dashcam.

Oregon State Police released the dramatic footage.

It shows the driver of a motorhome in the right lane attempt to make a lane change, but instead it veers into a semi-truck. That collision caused the motorhome to flip and then slide across the westbound lanes until it came to a rest along the shoulder. Immediately, you can see someone emerge from the wrecked vehicle.

Police said the crash happened the afternoon of Friday, May 5. The driver of the RV, 35-year-old Michael D Battle was ticketed for an unlawful lane change. According to published reports, Battle is from Hampton, Virginia.

Battle and four passengers, a 40-year-old woman and three children, aged 16, 14, and 2, suffered minor injuries. The semi truck driver from Yale, Virginia was uninjured, police said.