NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Abby Zwerner, the first-grade teacher who was shot and seriously hurt by one of her first-grade students in January, is receiving the first-ever Abby Zwerner Hero Award from the Uvalde Foundation For Kids.

“She is a hero to students and teachers,” said Daniel Chapin, founder of the Uvalde Foundation.

The award money is to be used for programming to help stop bullying and school violence.

Because Zwerner is not currently teaching, she will also be able to use it for medical bills.

“We want the money to be used to continue to promote nonviolence among students. Whether that’s dealing with some of…the bullying, whether it’s addressing behavioral issues,” Chapin said.

The award will be permanently named for Abby Zwerner. Each year, one teacher from across the country will be selected to use the funds for the anti-violence work.

“This is a small opportunity on a national level to recognize Abby for who she is,” said Chapin.

Want to help?

You can donate to the Abby Zwerner Hero Award by clicking here.