SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) – An officer at the Southampton County Jail Farm in Capron is accused of sleeping with an inmate as well as providing him a contraband cell phone.

Corporal Kimberly Smith was arrested on Nov. 8 following a month-long internal affairs investigation that also uncovered she deleted files related to an altercation between the inmate and another prisoner that could’ve resulted in punishment or additional charges.

The investigation was initiated on Sept. 26. Just over a month later, on Oct. 29, a phone was recovered from the inmate by another deputy.

In an interview with investigators, he admitted that Smith had provided the phone to him in order for the two to stay in contact when she wasn’t working at the facility. He also said the pair had been involved in an ongoing sexual relationship that stretched back to July, according to court documents.

The deputy who uncovered the device told the investigator that when he asked Smith about disciplining him, she said she’d destroyed the phone and not to worry about it.

Several days later, on Nov. 1, jail personnel realized that a computer file relating to a fight that the inmate had been involved in couldn’t be located.

An audit of the records system revealed that Smith had deleted it on Oct. 27, the day after the incident occurred. The investigator alleged that Smith did it to prevent the inmate from facing possible additional charges.

Smith faces six charges of [having] carnal knowledge of an inmate by a law enforcement officer, removing a government document without authority, providing a cell phone to a prisoner and a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.