BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – This weekend you are invited to take off your pants and run down the Boardwalk.

Yep, Cupid’s Undie Run is a fundraiser that happens in cities all across the U.S. to support those with a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatoses, or NF for short.

10 On Your Side met up with the two moms who are ‘exposing’ the 757 to NF for the sake of their sons.

“If you come to this event and you don’t have fun, I’ll reimburse your registration fee, personally, because I know you’re going to have a good time,” Tracy Clere said.

Clere brought Cupid’s Undie Run to Virginia Beach eight years ago for her son, “Super” Cooper.

“I can’t cure him,” Clere said. “I can’t take away his pain but I can raise money and awareness for him.”

Eleven-year-old Cooper and 12-year-old Sloan Brooks both have NF.

The neurological disorder can cause a variety of symptoms and medical issues at any point in life, including tumors on your nervous system.

Sloan currently has a tumor on his optic nerve and another on his brain stem. That means MRIs every six months for which Sloan has to be sedated.

“They have to put his head in a case almost, so he just can’t deal with it,” Becca Brooks said. “It’s too much for him.”

The boys also deal with other effects of the disorder, including autism, anxiety and depression.
Lucky for them, their moms are pretty cool.

“People with NF, they can’t always cover their NF and so we’re out there doing the same thing, we’re uncovered, putting ourselves out there,” Clere said.

They’ll be out there on the Boardwalk in Virginia Beach Saturday.

The Undie Run starts and finishes with drinks at Calypso on Atlantic Avenue. You do have to be at least 21 for this grown-up fun. The event runs from noon until 4 p.m.

Whether it’s a bathrobe, boxers or something a little racier .

” Oh Lord, well, you have to keep it clean,” Clere said.

The goal of this get together, and the Children’s Tumor Foundation it supports, is a healthier bottom line.

Want to take part?

To register for the Virginia Beach Cupid’s Undie Run, click here.