VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The saying goes that a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

Jacquan Wilson is hoping to prove that saying wrong.

Wilson is accused of shooting and killing Grassfield High School student Bryant Cueto at an Applebee’s parking lot in 2016. He’s facing three charges, including first-degree murder. He’s choosing to represent himself during his trial, which started Monday.

The case initially went to trial back in 2019, but was declared a mistrial after jurors’ cars were broken into in the courthouse parking lot.

Police say the 2016 shooting happened during a pre-arranged drug deal.

According to court documents, Cueto had a friend drive him to the Applebee’s to sell some Xanax. Prosecutors say he was selling to Wilson and Wilson’s friend, Andarion McInnis. The agreed price: $350.

Prosecutors told the jury that when Cueto got to the Applebee’s, Wilson got into the back seat. McInnis stood by the driver’s side window.

10 On Your Side reported during the 2019 trial that the Commonwealth believes Wilson was at the Applebee’s to rob Cueto of the pills. They say he pulled out a revolver, and when Cueto didn’t hand over the drugs, Wilson fired, and Cueto was shot in the back. He died before getting to the hospital.

Wilson was arrested days later. 10 On Your Side previously reported that prosecutors said when he was interviewed by police, he admitted to everything, and said he thought he shot Cueto in the arm. He said after the shooting he reached over and grabbed the bag of Xanax out of Cueto’s hand.

McInnis is serving a 28-year sentence at Buckingham Correctional Center in Dillwyn for charges including robbery. He was found not guilty of murder in August 2017.

Wilson, who is currently behind bars, was accused in 2022 of trying to escape from jail and then assaulting law enforcement officers. His trial in that case is set to happen in June.