CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Reba’s Animal Rescue is a product of Charlie and Melony Daniels’ love for animals.

“At any given time, we could have five animals in the house,” Charlie Daniels said.

Melony wanted to help animals find forever homes as she did with her beloved dog, Reba.

The couple started Reba’s Animal Rescue with that mission.

It was just getting off its feet when Melony passed away unexpectedly.

“After her passing, I kind of put it into overdrive and kind of make that reality for her,” Daniels said.

He started donating to local shelters and slowly started plans to open a brick-and-mortar animal rescue.

It’s now real.

They are holding a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour on Saturday, Oct. 14 at noon ahead of the official opening day, which is scheduled to happen on Nov. 27. They plan to have local mayors, the Daniels family, and several animal organizations present for the ribbon cutting.

“It’s emotional, especially looking at this (mural wall) and having her there,” he said.

Reba’s Rescue will welcome four-legged friends from local shelters and help them get adopted.

“We hope the length of stay is less than two weeks,” said Kimberly Sherlaw, Reba’s Animal Rescue executive director.

The shelter will help with overcrowding in local shelters.

“We noticed there was a need for a place that just adopts dogs out, so it gives them space for more animals,” Daniels said.

It’ll also ensure that no dogs are put down.

“That’s something my wife believed in a lot,” Daniels said. “These dogs, it’s not fair they don’t get adopted, so they have to get put down, but there is nothing wrong with them. All we are trying to do is find all these dogs a good home.”

The animal rescue made sure to make it a comfortable place for dogs.

“They are going to be going outside frequently,” Sherlaw said. “There are absolutely no bars on the kennels. From the dog and the viewpoint of the prospective adopters, they are looking at each other without the barriers.”

It’s also made to be a relaxing place for anyone looking for a new best friend.

“To have that homer feel and natural light, one that that colors are really soft,” Sherlaw said. “It really helps your experience.”

The location is just off South Military Highway. Sherlaw said it’s a perfect location.

“You might be going to a business to do something and you look over and find Reba’s Animal Rescue and find your new best friend,” she said.

It is all possible through direct donations and some games of Bingo.

“Reba’s Rescue plays in bingo halls,” Daniels said. “Raises our money through Bingo and those proceeds go into the facility.”

There will be a staff of eight employees and the animal rescue is looking for volunteers.

“Our volunteers can help with anything from cleaning to laundry to making enrichment treats to walking the dogs and being out in the community,” Sherlaw said.

This facility is just a start for this team.

“We are looking to springboard from here to bigger places,” Daniels said.

The bigger place is 20 acres of land to do this, but for dogs, cats and horses.

“We are going to make that happen,” Daniels said. “I know we will make it happen. We made this happen.”

Click here to volunteer or donate to the rescue.