NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Two Ella Fitzgerald Middle School students have been suspended following an investigation of a photo in which they appear to hold guns.

The photo, making the rounds on social media, first came to the attention of the Newport News Police Department during an investigation of a threat from a fifth grade Richneck Elementary School student to “shoot up the school.”

In a letter about the threat shared with 10 On Your Side, Fitzgerald Principal Micah Smith wrote that “one of these students is related to a Richneck student who posted a threatening comment on Saturday.”

Smith wrote that the division took immediate action and the police department began an investigation.

Police spokeswoman Kelly King confirmed to us the law enforcement investigation has concluded. School division spokeswoman Michelle Price shared that the students have been suspended, and an extended suspension has been recommended.

In a statement about the incident, Price said NNPS is committed to ensuring that families and staff are notified of potential threats.

“In a letter to families and staff last week, the Interim Superintendent (Dr. Michele Mitchell) shared an update on safety and security measures that are underway including the installation of weapons detention systems in all schools, full-time security officers in every school, independent safety assessments of all schools, and the implementation of a student discipline review audit,” Price writes.