HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — The conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean is thousands of miles away, and while the warfare is not on our soul, the digital fight could be coming to Hampton Roads.

“It’s an international crisis with local impact,” said Valor Cybersecurity CEO Greg Tomchick.

Israeli News Outlet has reported cyber attacks on its website.

A National Security Agency official, Rob Joyce, said there haven’t been any signs of major cybersecurity in Israel.

Joyce said Israel will likely come under cyber attack, and he expects “significant events” in the future, according to NBC News.

Tomchick said we could see effects on our local internet networks.

“Even though it’s happening somewhere else,” he said, “it could very well happen on the networks we all depend on to communicate, to make money and to connect with our family members.”

Tomchick said the U.S. and Israel have been working together for a long time in advanced technology around security and defense.

It means our networks are closely intertwined.

“Many of the defense contractors in the area depend on Israeli infrastructure to monitor their company systems. If those systems are compromised, that could lead the door wide open to get into your organization. That is both private and government,” Tomchick said.

He said that could hurt our pockets, even causing issues with our supply chain.

“There are repercussions here,” Tomchick said.

He said companies that do business in Israel need to be on alert.

“Focus on monitoring. Be extra vigilant,” Tomchick said. “If something doesn’t look right, make sure don’t click on those links.”

He said this even applies to you at home with your smartphone or computer. Those could be at risk.

He suggests turning on multifactor authentication on your accounts and updating your passwords to protect your devices.