SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Springtime is a few weeks away and it’s time for the proverbial spring cleaning, but the city of Suffolk is taking it to another level.

It will be hosting the Great Suffolk Cleanup March 24-25.

Suffolk City Manager Al Moor said the amount of trash in the city caught his eye.

“I’ve been riding around this past winter, and it seems litter has just taken us over,” Moor said. “The more I rode, the more frustrating I got.”

Growing more and more frustrated, Moor realized the Great American Cleanup was coming up.

“I got a little excited and decided to put a little boost in it,” Moor said.

He enlisted the help of other city employees to make it the biggest cleanup in city history.

So you’ll see Moor working around Wilroy Road picking up trash.

“We lead by example here,” he said.

He wants people, businesses and organizations to join him.

The owner of the downtown restaurant, Mod Olive, has taken on the challenge.

“It’s one of those situations where this is an easy way to make a positive impact on the city,” Mod Olive owner Ed Beardsley said.

In the end, it’ll mean a cleaner city for everyone visiting and living in it.

“Keeping the streets clean and spending the time to do that is the non-glamorous work that needs to be done,” Beardsley said..

You can pick any spot in the city to clean up.

Moor said the city will provide vests, grabbers, bags and other cleanup equipment.

Want to help?

To register for the Great Suffolk Cleanup March 24-25, click here.