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Meteorologist Don Slater recently worked on a graphic about climate.  I helped him just a little on it, but I did want to highlight the info.  It comes from the National Weather Service. Basically, it a list of the top 10 coldest (blue) and warmest (light yellow) months on record between 2000-2018.  Here is the list:

You can clearly see that since 2000 there have been many months in the top 10 warmest list.  However, there have only been a few in the coldest top 10.  The timely information is the data for 2018.  So far 5 of the months in 2018 have been in the top 10 warmest months.  2 of them (May and September) were the warmest on record.  The records go all the way back to 1873.  The climate site is Norfolk.  If you want to look at the raw charts, then you can find them at this link: NWS Climate info.

Today we have some much colder air moving in from the north (and I am loving it).  A cold front is passing to our south.  High pressure is building in from the west. 

With the high building east, it is creating a strong northerly breeze. We’ve already had a few gusts to 25mph.  Temperatures started in the 40s and 50s this morning.  We’ll only rise to the upper 50s to near 60 this afternoon.  Skies will be mostly sunny.  We are becoming very dry.  Dew points are in the 30s and 40s.  By tonight the winds will calm down.  We’ll have mostly clear skies and very dry air.  This will allow temperatures to drop down to the low-mid 40s with some 30s inland.  Probably a little milder near the shore since the water temperatures are still in the 70s. 

Tomorrow we’ll have lots of sun but less wind.  So high temps will rise to the mid-upper 60s.  It should be pretty nice out.

We’ll warm up some more on Saturday, but we’ll have a lot of moisture returning.  A cold front will approach from the west.  So we’ll have a big area of rain showers in the region.  It probably won’t rain the entire day, and the models do vary on the coverage.  For now I’d say there is a 50-70% chance for rain.  Stay tuned for updates from the models. We’ll dry out and cool down slightly on Sunday with highs in the 60s. 

One last thing…You may want to bring in the potted plants that are sensitive to the cold tonight.  I don’t think we’ll have a frost, but I do think we’ll have some mid-upper 30s in several inland locations.  Some plants (like my fern) don’t even like temps near 40. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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