PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Faster than a speeding text message. More powerful than a jealousy motive and he’s able to leap tall tales in a single bound.

Sporting a bright orange cape, Super P, also known as Prince McEntyre, was met by high-fives as he greeted children outside the Children’s Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth. McEntyre is the founder of Roadshow Alliance Suicide Prevention.


“My job is to help those who are being bullied, and even show love for the bully,” said McEntyre as his bright orange cape billowed in a gentle wind.

Timing is everything in the superhero business. That’s why Super P was in Portsmouth Friday to reach children before the start of the school year.

“Why is a little kid able to bring a gun to school to shoot a teacher in Newport News, Virginia?

What do his surroundings look like and how did it get this far?

“That’s what my job is as Super P, to talk to the parents and bring love to the bully,” McEntyre said. “That’s my mission.”

McEntyre has street credibility. He told 10 On Your Side he was one of the bullies kicked out of Eastside High School by Principal Joe Clark. His controversial policies were taken to the silver screen in the movie Lean on Me.

McEntyre explained how dysfunction at home contributed to his dysfunction in the classroom.

“I didn’t have love,” McEntyre said. “I didn’t have nice clothes and people bullied me to the point that I got so angry that I became the bully.”

Decades later, McEntyre said social media in the wrong hands can lead to rapid and devastating consequences for the bullied.

“My mission is to keep on drilling it year after year,” McEntyre said. “I’m not gonna stop. I want to come to your school. I want to come to your event and help end bullying, because bullycide is sad when young kids want to take their lives because they were being bullied. It’s time for us to break the chain, and that’s what Super P is about and that’s breaking the chain.”


His Super P will meet with parents and children of Ingleside Elementary School Next Thursday in an annual back-to-school drive. For information on how to get Super P to fly into your community event, call 201-321-7595 or contact him via email at roadshowalliance@gmail.com.